World Blood Donor Day 2021: Know the important facts about blood and its donation

New Delhi: Blood is something that cannot be made artificially. It is made in the human body itself and has no other way to get produced. Sometimes the amount of blood in the body of patients becomes so low that they need to take blood from someone else. It is said that one person can save at least 3 lives by donating blood. However, despite all the awareness, even today many educated people are afraid of donating blood. The reason for this is the myth related to blood donation, so to overcome it today, let us know some important things related to it so that you can also help someone by donating your blood in an emergency.


– Men and women above the age of 18 years, whose weight is 50 kg or more, can donate blood three to four times a year.

– If you give blood, the shortage of blood in the country can be solved.

– 79 countries have drawn 90% of their blood supply from volunteer blood donors, while 56 countries have drawn more than half of their blood from family, replacement, or paid donors.

– There are 11 million blood donations in India every year.

– With one blood donation, you can save the lives of 3 people.

– An average person has 10 units i.e. 5-6 liters of blood in the body.

– In blood donation, only 1 unit of blood is taken.

– Blood makes up 7% of the total weight in our body.

– Only 7% of the people in India have blood group O negative.

– O negative blood group is called a universal donor, it can give blood to a person of any blood group.

– Every year 40 million units of blood of about 250 ccs are needed in the country, while only 5 lakh units of blood are available.

– In times of emergency, such as when a newborn child or others need blood, and the blood group is unknown, then they can be given O negative blood.

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