Working from home and still need to dress up? Here are some amazing and pocket-friendly ideas

New Delhi: Your wardrobe pegs your personality because outfits kept in it create an image of you at the workplace. Not every office or workplace means uniform, but it is a style statement that reflects in the outfits of the people associated with that profession. According to top fashion designers, this time there will not be any special trend in workwear, because this year too mostly works from home will remain and many people get pocketed due to loss of jobs. So what should be done is that we remain comfortable with the pocket and get a little different in the terms of style.

Mix and match-

This year, only very light and comfortable clothes will remain. The formal trend will be less, as employees are still working from home. Therefore, there will be no demand for very crisp office wear. That is, such outfits will be liked, which are comfortable, do not have a crush, and can be carried in work from home and office. As far as style is concerned, you can give yourself a different look by mixing and matching. For example, a dress that looks like a kurta can be teamed up like a one-piece dress, sometimes with pants or palazzo. Similarly, spaghetti tops can be paired with palazzo, pants, or skirts. When you want to stay in the field or attend a meeting, you can get a formal look by doing a thin linen jacket or shrug team up with it. Inside the jacket and shrug, where you will get relief from the coolness of AC, in the field, you will be protected from sunlight.

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Soft colors-

As far as colors are concerned, this year there will be very few experiments regarding colors. Muted colors will trend instead of too bright. Mild and suiting colors always look good. In the office, you can try teal, olive, beige, stone blue, brown, pastel blue, gray, off white colors.

Also know:

– Keep the minimalist look as much as possible in the jewelry. Thin chains around the neck, studs in the ears, the watch always hangs in one hand.

– Try one-inch heel sandals, flat belly shoes, or platform heels shoes in footwear.

– Always pay attention to the design of tops or kurtas. It would be better to have a smaller design instead of a larger motif.

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