‘Women don’t need men for sex’: Kanishka Soni slams trolls targeting her for marrying herself

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Kanishka Soni who is known for playing roles in television shows Pavitra Rishta and Diya Aur Bati Hum left her fans bewildered after she announced marrying herself. In an Instagram post, Kanishka announced self-marriage and shared pictures flaunting a mangalsutra and sindoor. She faced a lot of backlash on her Instagram post and people sent her hate messages. On Thursday, she shared a video message slamming the trolls and gave them a befitting reply.

In the video, she said, “I have noticed very weird kind of comments on my (original) post where I had mentioned about getting married to myself. I had taken a firm decision about this marriage. A lot of people have told me that I have ignored science, they ask me about my sex life. So let me tell you honestly that science and technology has really progressed, and a woman no longer needs a man for sex.”

She went on to explain why she took this step of marrying herself, “I belong to a very conservative family from Gujarat. It (marriage) was always a dream of mine. It was just that I never saw a man in my life, who would stick to his words. I always found that men do not stick to what they say and that is the reason why I believe I can live my whole life without a man, thanks to today’s technology. I do not need a man if I am earning myself, I am independent, and I can fulfil my dreams and my requirements…”

She talked about Indian culture at length. She shared how she has lived her acting career playing ‘devi-like characters’ in shows like Mahabali Hanumaan. She said, “I rejected item numbers because I believe in Indian culture, and what my family will think and what people will think about my image. I gave first priority to my image, but it never bothered people. Only when I decided to be myself and love myself, people are interfering… 90 percent women are not happy after marriage… I have lost all faith and trust in men.”

Sharing the post on Instagram, Kanishka captioned the post, “I know you guys have been raising lots of questions on my self-marriage decision. I truly believe in Indian culture and here is my point of view on why I chose to live in solitude.”

“Marriage is not about sex it’s about love and honesty one seeks. I have lost that faith and believe it’s better to live alone and love myself than seeking it in outside world when it’s difficult to find; but thanks a lot for making my post trend and be in news. It wasn’t my intention. Also, some people said I must have been drunk or had ganja (cannabis) while putting that post, but let me tell you that I am so Indian by heart that I have never even tried alcohol or any other stuff even after staying for long in the film industry. It is a decision made by my full heart and soul with full conscious mind and I am happy that I am in the US now and focusing on my career in Hollywood, ” she concluded.

For the unversed, Kanishka announced marrying herself in a Instagram post, She wrote, “Married to myself since I fulfilled all my dreams my own & the only person I am in love with is MYSELF answer to all questions I am getting I don’t need any Man Ever .. I am happy always alone & in solitude with my guitar I am the goddess, Strong & Powerful, Shiva & Shakti everything is inside ME, Thank you (sic).”

On the professional front, Kanishka Soni will be making her Hollywood debut with a project titled Choice Is Yours. She announced her exit from the television industry as she shared that she has lost trust in the Indian TV industry.

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