Woman in wheelchair denied entry in Raasta restaurant, Gurgaon; told ‘customers will get disturbed’


New Delhi: A woman with physical disability claimed that a restaurant in Gurgaon, Haryana, named Raasta, denied her entry as the wheelchair she was on would have “disturbed other customers”. Taking to Twitter, Srishti Pandey shared the entire sequence of events.

Srishti said she visited the restaurant with her best friend and her family on Friday. She said it was one of her “first outings in so long.” 

She said, “We choose Raasta Gurgaon in DLF Cyber Hub as the reviews were good and they were also playing good music.” 

She her friend’s elder brother went up to get the reservation for a table for four. The staff at the front desk, taking booking ignored us twice. “We thought he probably didn’t listen or was busy on phone.”

When we asked him for the third time, he said wheelchair andar nahi jaegi (wheelchair won’t be allowed inside). “We thought it was an accessibility issue, but it wasn’t. We told him that we’d manage, just book us a table. What he said next left all of shocked for a while,” she added.

Srishti further said the man at the front desk then pointed towards her and said, “andar customers disturb hojaynge (The customers sitting inside will get disturbed)”. They then denied them entry.

“I was very numb, I didn’t say a word after that, I was just trying to process what was happening. We didn’t expect that kind of treatment from a fancy place like that,” she added.

“My brother went again to question him but the managed was giving very ignorant replies. We even told him what he was telling was illogical. The reason you were giving is pathetic,” Srishti said.

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She added, after a lot of arguing, the person told them to get a table outside. Eventually they were asked to leave. 

She further stated, “Why do I always have to fight for the smallest of things? Why was I DENIED entry in a public place? Who are they to deny my entry just like that?” 

I also said she was “heartbroken” and “awfully sad”. 

She told news agency ANI, “This is not the first time. I have been denied access to schools and educational institutions in general, several other places and now it’s eatery as well. It’s like no one wants me anywhere at all.” 

Founder Partner at Raasta, Goumtesh Singh apologised for the incident and said they are taking steps internally to heighten sensitivity and empathy for their staff.

The Gurugram Police has also sought Srishti’s contact details for further action into the incident.

first published:Feb. 13, 2022, 6:51 p.m.

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