Woman brings JCB to make in-laws open gate of the house

New Delhi: A woman in Bijnor filed a lawsuit with the High Court after her husband kicked her out of the house over a dowry dispute. The woman was taken to her in-laws’ home by the police after the judge instructed the Bijnor police to go and provide security at their residence.

Despite fighting with the police administration, the husband and family members refused to open the gate. This forced the police to take help of a JCB to do so. The in-laws unlocked the gate because they were afraid of the bulldozer. The police has left the woman at her in-laws’ home and also provided her security.

Husband used to beat wife and demand dowry

In village Harinagar of Haldaur area of ​​Bijnor, a person named Hari Singh married his daughter Nutan Malik on 1 March 2017 to Robin under Hindu rituals. The daughter side had married according to her status.

He treated his wife right for some time, but after that he started demanding five lakhs and Bolero car. In lieu of not fulfilling the demand of dowry, Robin beat up his wife and threw her out of the house.

Gates were opened with the JCB

The in-laws of the Bijnor court did not listen, after which the aggrieved father had to resort to the Allahabad court, under which the judge ordered the victim woman to stay in her matrimonial home. Also, the local police will provide security. Under the observance of the same, the police and administration reached the in-laws’ house with the victim woman, but despite all the force, the in-laws did not open the gate.

After much commotion, the police had to call for a bulldozer to break the gate. In front of the fear of bulldozers, security has also been provided by entering the victim’s in-laws’ house.

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