Winter Tips: Know how warm water can improve your overall health


New Delhi: Many of us drink warm water on an empty stomach every morning. But have you ever wondered how warm water can improve your overall health? From improving circulation to reducing shivering in winter. Know the health benefits of drinking warm water in winter.

1 Aids Digestion

Drinking warm water helps to activate the digestive system which helps to eliminate the waste out of the body. The warm water also helps to dissolve the undigested food in the intestine and helps in the movement. 

2 Help relieve constipation

Constipation is the root cause of many health problems and Dehydration is a common cause of constipation. Staying hydrated will help to soften the stool which results in bowel movement. As per experts, drinking warm water in the morning helps relieve constipation.

3 Improves Blood circulation

Blood flow in the human body is very important for overall health. Drinking warm water and taking warm baths helps your circulatory organs to expand and carry blood more effectively throughout your body.

4 Reduces shivering in the cold

The human body tends to shiver in freezing temperatures. Drinking warm fluids in winters raises the body temperature which makes you feel warm or longer. 

5 Reduces stress levels

Drinking hot water helps to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. If you will drink lots of water, your body will remove bad toxins and will keep you hydrated for longer. Staying hydrated may therefore improve your mood and relaxation levels.

first published:Jan. 24, 2022, 6:18 p.m.

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