Wimbledon 2021 Men’s Singles Final, Novak Djokovic vs Matteo Berrettini Live Score Updates: Novak Djokovic In The Lead, Wins 3rd Set 6-4 | Tennis News

Wimbledon 2021 Men’s Final Live: Novak Djokovic returns a shot vs Matteo Berrettini.© Instagram/Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic has staged a turnaround, winning the second and third set vs Matteo Berrettini in the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final, at Centre Court on Sunday. The Serbian lost the first set, but maintained composure to win the other two; 6-7 (4/7), 6-4, 6-4. Djokovic entered the final with a convincing 7-6 (7-3) 7-5 7-5 win over Canada’s Denis Shapalov while Berrettini went past Hubert Hurkacz 6-3 6-0 6-7 (3-7) 6-4 in a tense semi-final encounter. Djokovic is eying his sixth Wimbledon title and third of the year after claiming the Australian Open against Daniil Medvedev as well as the French Open vs Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Wimbledon 2021 Men’s Singles Final Live Updates Novak Djokovic vs Matteo Berrettini From Centre Court

  • 21:41 (IST)



    Its 2-3 in the fourth set now, in favour of Berrettini.

  • 21:38 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic has levelled the fourth set!

    Good tennis by Djokovic, and very aggressive. The Serbian makes it 2-2 in the fourth set!

  • 21:34 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini leads in the fourth set again!

    Its 1-2, and Berrettini is leading again in the fourth set! Will he stage a comeback?

  • 21:33 (IST)

    Its 1-1 now in the fourth set!

    Djokovic has levelled it! Berrettini really needs to maintain his nerves! Its 1-1 in the fourth set!

  • 21:29 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini gets the first game in the fourth set!

    Berrettini gets the first game in the fourth set, and thats a good way to start. He will need to win this set!

  • 21:22 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic wins the third set!


    Djokovic has enough gas to win this 6-4. Good showing by Berrettini though. The Italian needs to stage a turnaround in the next set.

    It is 6-7 (4/7), 6-4, 6-4.

  • 21:13 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic increases his lead in the third set!

    It is 5-3 now and Djokovic will be hoping to seal the third set! Unless Berrettini has some other plans!

  • 21:09 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini is not having any of it!!!!!


    Good going by Berrettini!

  • 21:07 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic increases his domination!

    Its 4-2 now in the third set, and Djokovic once again proves why he is the current world no.1!

  • 20:58 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini rallies back!

    Its 3-2 now in the third set, with Berrettini replying back to Djokovic! Its going to a long haul today folks!

  • 20:51 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic makes it 2-1 in the third set!

    Its turning out to be super close encounter, with Djokovic currently leading 2-1 in the third set!

  • 20:47 (IST)

    Its 1-1!

    Djokovic is not going to let Berrettini increase his momentum, and levels the third set at 1-1.

  • 20:42 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini starts with the third set on a positive note!

    The Italian has won the first game of the third set, and will be hoping to increase his momentum!

  • 20:35 (IST)

    Its 6-4 for Novak Djokovic! Seals the second set!

    It looked like Berrettini was staging a turnaround once again but Djokovic kept his composure and sealed it with some deadly serves! Its 6-4 for the second set.

    The pair are currently level 6-7 (4/7), 6-4.

  • 20:31 (IST)

    Its 5-4 now!

    Djokovic could have sealed the second set, but Berrettini has other plans! Its 5-4 now!

  • 20:26 (IST)


    It all looked like it was over for him, but the Italian came running and slipped it precisely out of Djokovic’s reach! Its 5-3 in the second set now!

  • 20:22 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini is crawling back into the game!

    Its 5-2 for Djokovic now in the second set, but Berrettini is getting back once again!

  • 20:19 (IST)

    Its 5-1 for Novak Djokovic in the second set!

    Berrettini hasn’t been any match for Djokovic in the second set. The Serbian is back to his best and simply dominating with ease!

  • 20:08 (IST)

    3-0 for Novak Djokovic in the second set!

    The second set has been all about Novak Djokovic in the final! After losing the first set, the Serb has cruised past his opponent and is leading 3-0.

  • 20:01 (IST)

    Change in momentum!

    Djokovic is now showing his true form. After losing the first set, he has gone on to win the first two games of the second set! Its 2-0 in the second set currently!

  • 19:58 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic wins the first game of the second set!


    Djokovic wins the first game of the second set with ease!

  • 19:52 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini wins the tie-breaker and the first set!


    Djokovic loses the first set, 6-7 (4/7)

  • 19:44 (IST)

    Its 6-6 now! Time for tie-breaker!

    The game has gone to a tie-breaker now, and is 6-6 in the first set!

  • 19:36 (IST)

    Its 6-5 now!

    Djokovic’s experience is coming in handy as he takes a lead again in the first set, 6-5. Berrettini is still in the game though!

  • 19:35 (IST)

    Its 5-5 now in the first set!

    Berrettini is really bring his game to Djokovic now, and has levelled the first set at 5-5!

  • 19:31 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini is staging a turnaround in the first set!

    The Italian has rallied from behind, and has got closer to Djokovic. It is 5-4 in the first set, in favour of the Serb, but Berrettini is still in the game!

  • 19:11 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic is closing to a first set win!

    The Serbian is leading 5-2 and is cruising past Berrettini. The Italian needs to get back to his early form!

  • 19:07 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini holds Novak Djokovic!

    The Italian is showing resilience and has held back the pressure. Its 4-2 now in the first set!

  • 19:02 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic wins the fourth game!

    Djokovic has won the fourth game, and its 3-1 now. Berrettini needs to find his early footing!

  • 18:58 (IST)

    Who will win the fourth game of the first set?

    The scores are level at 30-30, and both players are implementing their strengths in the game. Djokovic is getting aggressive now!

  • 18:55 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic shows that he can reverse back his errors!

    Djokovic wins the third game of the first set, but it was a hard-fought one. Berrettini is really applying a lot of pressure on the Serb, and he is not handling it well!

  • 18:53 (IST)

    Absolutely out of sorts!

    Djokovic looks absolutely out of sorts at this moment! His serves are pretty erratic today, and Berrettini seems to be making the most of it. Poor start by Djokovic in the third game of the first set!

  • 18:51 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini amps up the pressure!

    The Italian has amped up the pressure and has won the second game of the first set. His serve seems to be perfect today, and Djokovic could have plenty of work to do! The Serbian probably wasn’t expecting this start!

  • 18:48 (IST)

    A big wave of support for Matteo Berrettini here!

    Berrettini begins his serve in the second game of the first set, and wins the first point. The crowd applauds with much aplomb!

  • 18:46 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic keeps his calm!

    A couple of early errors by Djokovic, but he managed to keep his calm and win the first game of the first set. Berrettini is in form and is equally as fit as his opponent today! The pair were stuck at deuce for sometime, with Serb managing to edge past.

  • 18:41 (IST)

    Double fault!

    This is highly unlikely of Djokovic. He starts with a double fault! Berrettini is in the leadddd!

  • 18:40 (IST)

    The action begins!

    Novak Djokovic to serve first!

  • 18:37 (IST)

    Both players warm up!

    Berrettini and Djokovic warm up ahead of their match, with some rally shots.

  • 18:28 (IST)

    Matteo Berrettini enters Centre Court

    Matteo Berrettini has entered Centre Court, and there is a strapping on his left thigh.

  • 18:23 (IST)

    The action is set to begin!

    The match is set to begin, and the weather is perfect as we wait for the final men’s singles match at Centre Court.

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