Will US-Russia relationship improve? Joe Biden to meet Vladimir Putin in Geneva

Washington: Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden will meet in Geneva on June 16 . This will be Biden and Putin’s first meeting.

This meeting will take place at a time when relations between the two countries are at a low point. This can be gauged from the fact that Russia has recently put the US in the list of countries with whom it does not enjoy friendly relations.

Not only this, there is no ambassador from the other country in both nations. The meeting between the two leaders is expected to improve diplomatic relations between Russia and the US.

Hope for better relations between the two countries

Before the meeting between Biden and Putin, the latter told Russian media that there are many matters on which he can work with the US. It was a positive message for both the countries. 

“We had mentioned nuclear arms control, regional conflict including Syria and Libya and climate change among many issues. If we find a way to work on these issues, then we can say that this meeting will not be in vain,” Putin said. 

Putin slams US and Western countries

Recently Russian President Vladimir Putin targeted European countries. Putin believes that at this time Western countries are a big threat to Russia. In a recent speech in St. Petersburg, he said that America wants to hinder Russia’s development. 

“The US wants to stop our development,” Putin had alleged. 

Earlier, pointing to the US and Western countries, Putin had said that those who try to block Russia’s development will be given a befitting reply. Putin stressed that the world needed to know about Russia’s prestige and power.

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4 big deadlock causing issues  

The US has expelled dozens of Russian diplomats in recent years and closed two campuses. US operations in Russia are also discussing stopping locals from employing them, which could mean cutting services, including visas.

Russia has recently pushed for a prisoner swap, but fulfilling its terms seems impossible for the US. At the same time, there is very little chance of any relaxation from the Russian side.

The case of Putin’s political rival Alexei Navelny may also arise. Navelni was poisoned earlier and is currently in jail. Russia has been accused of human rights violations regarding this. Navalny has been banned by a Moscow court as an extremist.

There is a difference of opinion between the two countries regarding Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed regret over the Putin-Biden Geneva summit. Zelensky had expressed concerns a few days ago about the US President’s plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russia-to-Germany natural gas pipeline.

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