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Will continue talks with Indian govt over new IT rules: Twitter

New Delhi: Amid talk about the new IT rules of the central government, microblogging social media platform Twitter has released a statement saying that it will continue to negotiate with the Indian government. 

Twitter issued a statement saying that the microblogging social media platform is committed to the people of India. 

“Our service has proved to be important for public interaction and has supported people during epidemics. We will try to follow the applicable law in India to continue our service. As we do worldwide, we will adhere strictly to the principles of transparency, commitment to empower every voice in the service, freedom of expression under the law and to protect privacy,” ,” the Twitter statement said.  

“We are currently concerned about the recent incidents in relation to our employees in India and the potential threat to the freedom of expression of the users. We are working on new rules for citizens of India and around the world. We are also concerned with the police’s bullying tactics to enforce the conditions,” the statement added.

“We plan to advocate changes to those elements of these regulations. We will continue the dialogue with the Government of India and believe that it is important to adopt a collaborative approach. Protecting the public interest is the collective responsibility of elected officials, industry and civil society.”

Facebook and Google are preparing to comply with new rules

Digital companies Google and Facebook said on Tuesday that they are taking steps to comply with the new IT regulations. The companies said this a few hours before the new IT rules came into effect for Internet media companies. 

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The new rules were announced on February 25. Under these rules, large social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will be obliged to take additional measures.

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