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What President Macro is doing to “Fix” France’s radical Islam

Nov. 21, 2020, 4:02 p.m.

 France, (Diksha Kumari):  French President Emmanuel Macron has asked his country’s Muslim representatives to accept the “Charter of Republican Values” to destroy radical Islam.


Regarding this, on Wednesday, the President met eight leaders of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and said that they are granted 15 days of deferment.

According to him, this charter should include two special things apart from other issues –

Islam in France is only a religion, no political movement and hence politics should be removed from any kind of “Foreign Interface” must be banned in the Muslim community of France.


The president’s tough stance has been since three suspected Islamic extremist attacks in the country last month.

These attacks also include the murder of a 47- year-old teacher on October 16, who showed some cartoon of Prophet Mohammad in one of his classes.


Muslim Population Growth in Europe:

This angered the Muslim community and the teacher was beheaded by an 18- year-old Chechen native. Leaders of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) have assured the President that they will prepare the charter soon.


The CFCM is the only large government-led institution in the government that is governmentally recognized by Former President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2003, when he was the country’s home minister. This institution includes all large groups of Muslim community.


Muslims comprise 10 percent of the total population of France, which is the largest Muslim community in Europe.


Most of the France’s Muslims have migrated from its former colony Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. But the second and the third generations of this community have originated in France.



French Islam:

Islam has been the biggest issue in France for the last few years. France has no official religion because it is a secular state. This secularism is called “laicite” or “lycete” in the country.


This is a secularism that has been well adopted by booth the left wing and the right wing. Islam does not seem to fit perfectly in the government’s view.

For the last two years, President Macron has been trying to bring French Islam under the ‘licit’ realm in which previous presidents had failed.


Professor Ahmet Kuru is an expert in Islamic history at San Diego State University in the United States. According to him, President Macron is imposing his imagination of French Islam and adopting a dual policy.


He says, “Macro’s new demand from France’s largest Muslim organization the CFCM, including the acceptance of a Republican charter, violates the principles of a secular stain article entitled The Battle for a French Islam “(The Battle for French Islam”), French writer Kareena Pisar writes that trying to convert Islam to French mood in France is not new.


She says, “The state cannot intervene in the management of religion and the management of religious questions. But governments have been trying to do just that for the last 30 years, quoting Islam. This is a profound contradiction”.


Now take CFCM only. This is an institution that was established in 2003 with the help of the government, but ordinary Muslims do not even know much about it.

Kareena Piscar cites a 2016 survey, “Two- thirds of French Muslims had not even heard of this institution.


Marwan Mehmood, a well-known social activist from France, says, “The criticism of the CFCM is less about the fact that it has relations with foreign countries rather it is more critical that it has failed at all for Muslims. It is a top- notch institution.


Controversial bill proposed:

France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s war against radical Islam does not end with the insistence of the character.

He also proposed a bill a few hours after this meeting which many people call controversial. Some important aspects of this bill are as follows-


  • Those who threaten and threaten public officials on religious grounds will be given severe punishment. There will be ban on teaching children at home.
  • Every child will be given an identification number for his identification so that he can keep an eye on whether he is going to school or not. Law breaking parents may face six months in jail as well as major fines.
  • A person will be banned from sharing personal information in such a way that they may be harmed by those who want to harm them.

 The President had made some similar proposals on October 2 and said that there is a crisis in Islam.


His statements after the extremist attacks were described as anti-Islam and many Muslim countries became angry with him.

In some countries, Boycott of goods made in France was also demanded.






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