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What is Avian influenza, symptoms, treatment: All you need to know

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A worker sprays disinfectant on a bird as a precautionary measure, after the detection of Avian Influenza (H5N8) in some places of Jharkhand, at Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park Zoo in Ranchi.

The year 2020 made humanity witnessed coronavirus after which and till now, the world is not the same. While we continue to deal with the virus, still, even though vaccines have started arriving, the health sector is sharing their concerns for a new virus or flu, however, it is only affecting a particular type of species i.e. birds.

In the past few days, concerns have shifted towards avian flu after several incidents of birds falling down from the sky and dying were reported from across the world. Recently in order to stop the spread, over 1.60 lakh birds of five poultry farms in Haryana’s Panchkula district are set to be culled as some poultry samples there have tested positive for the avian flu.

Similarly, the samples of some birds from Nature Poultry farm at Panchkula too tested positive. The samples were sent to a laboratory in Bhopal and their reports have come now, Agriculture minister JP Dalal said. As per the government of India guidelines, the poultry of farms located within one km of any farm fund having infected birds have to be culled.

The employees of these poultry farms too would be examined by the health department, Dalal further said. They would also be given anti-viral medicines, he further said. Notably, over four lakh poultry birds had died at some farms in Haryana’s Panchkula district over the past several days. Panchkula’s Barwala-Raipur Rani area is one of the largest poultry belts in the country with 70-80 lakh birds in more than 100 farms. The mortality rate in poultry birds was unusually high in this winter season.

What is Avian influenza?

Avian influenza, or H5N1, is a type of flu that primarily infects birds but can also affect humans if they come in contact with infected birds. It can also spread from person to person.

Avian influenza symptoms

Avian influenza symptoms are cough, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, headache and shortness of breath. The symptoms of this flu may begin to show from 2 to 8 days.

Avian influenza treatment

The symptoms can be treated using anti-viral drugs. The flu may carry high mortality in humans. However, it is a short-term flu and may be treated within days to weeks.

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