West Bengal Result: TMC lost this seat to BJP by just 57 votes

Kolkata: In the West Bengal Election 2021, the contest in many seats was interesting. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself lost to Nandigram by a mere 1736 votes. Shuvendu Adhikari was victorious here. Along with this, there were many such seats, which were discussed in the political corridors.

A similar seat was Dinhata. BJP played a big bet on this hot seat. BJP fielded Nisith Pramanik, MP from Cooch Behar from here. The 35-year-old Nisith entered the fray with full vigor and pitted against the sitting MLA and TMC candidate Udayan Guha.

Udayan had won this seat in the 2016 election with 21793 votes. This time Nisith’s challenge was increased by landing in the ground. The election results started coming in from the morning itself. In this, Nisith took a good lead in the first round. After this, there was a contest of thorns in this seat. After the 11th round, the contest on this seat became interesting.

In the 12th round, Udayan was ahead of Nisith by around 1100 votes. In the 13th round, Udayan got a tremendous lead and secured a lead of over 7,000 votes. Udayan retained this lead until the 17th round. Then in the 19th round, this lead was halted by 3397 votes. 

Udayan was ahead by just 514 votes in the 20th round. After this, Nisith was ahead in the final round. Nisith received a total of 116035 votes. While Udayan got 115978 votes. In this way, Udayan lost this seat by just 57 votes.

Who is Nisith?

Before joining BJP in March 2019, Nisith was an authentic TMC member. Nisith was born in Dinhata, he won from the Cooch Behar seat in the Lok Sabha elections. Nisith has studied up to BCA. 

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After the victory, Nisith said, “victory is victory. I thank all the people in the assembly seat.”

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