West Bengal: BJP trying to besiege TMC with tri-pronged strategy

West Bengal: BJP trying to besiege TMC with tri-pronged strategy

Kolkata: After resigning from all the standing committees of the West Bengal Assembly, the BJP has devised a triple strategy to get the Public Accounts Committee President Mukul Roy dismissed as MLA. 

From which it will not be easy for Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Mukul Roy to escape. The saffron brigade has made the first move by sending notices under the anti-defection law on behalf of the Lok Sabha Secretariat to two MPs, Shishir Adhikari and Sunil Mandal, who left the Trinamool and joined the BJP. 

Because Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders were repeatedly saying that first action should be taken against Shishir and Sunil under the anti-defection law.

In such a situation, morally and politically, the pressure will increase on Trinamool and Assembly Speaker to initiate action against Mukul. Meanwhile, the BJP’s complaint regarding the dismissal of Mukul’s MLA post was heard in the assembly on Friday and is to be heard again on July 30. 

Even before this, the Lok Sabha Secretariat has issued notices to two BJP MPs who left the Trinamool. Shishir-Sunil has been asked to reply to the notice within 15 days. If not satisfied with the answer, if action is taken against both of them by the Speaker of Lok Sabha, then naturally there will be pressure to take action against Mukul too. In such a situation, it will not be easy for Mamata Banerjee to dismiss Mukul’s issue.

As a second strategy, the BJP has also started preparing to approach the Calcutta High Court to get Mukul’s membership rejected under the Anti-Defection Act. If the Speaker of the Assembly does not take some action, then BJP leaders have clearly said that they will go to court. 

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Under the third strategy, the BJP is preparing to field its candidate despite the possibility of victory in the Rajya Sabha seat vacated by the resignation of Dinesh Trivedi on August 9 next month. The motive behind the saffron camp doing this is to put pressure on Mukul Roy by issuing whips to his party MLAs. 

Because if the whip is issued, if Mukul does not vote in favor of the BJP candidate, then he will come under the purview of action. But voting is to be held for only one seat of Rajya Sabha and Trinamool has 210 MLAs. In such a situation, if Mukul is absent, it will not make much difference. 

Anyway, BJP will leave no chance to corner Mukul. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made a triple strategy to get the post of MLA of Mukul Roy rejected. It will not be easy for Rai to escape from this.

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