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Wedding Season: One of the simplest hairstyles to wear for your functions is a bun. They are easy, fuss-free haircuts. A bun hairstyle can be worn in a variety of ways and complements whatever outfit you wear. You should not worry that a bun will be uninteresting because the finished product will be everything but.

Whether you want to sport an exquisite appearance for the evening celebrations of your engagement ceremony wearing a cocktail dress or a saree, a messy appearance with your Indo-western apparel for your mehndi ceremony, or even a natural appearance for the Haldi ceremony. The bun hairstyles will go with each of these and makes you a true diva.

You might be wondering at this point what these amazing bun hairstyles are. For you especially, we have put together a collection of the newest and most popular bun hairstyles.

1. Top Knot Bun

You may accomplish this look by bunning half of your hair and letting the other side hang loose. A sloppy top knot or a well-groomed bun both look good.

2. Knotted Bun

It takes work to create a knotted bun, but once done, this bun hairstyle is quite fashionable. The bun’s flower accent is the ideal finishing touch.


3. Low Bun

Compared to many of the other buns on the list, this one is considerably simpler and easier on the head. You don’t need to use a thousand pins to keep it up because they hand on your nape.


4. The Messy Bun

The bun is by far the simplest to make because it doesn’t require any maintenance or even style. This bun appears so unique and elegant that it leaves people wondering how it was done.


5. The Retro Bun

The bun itself has curls and is very full. Your overall look can be completed by adding flowers to this bun. On your special day, the retro bun would look stunning.


6. The Jeweled Bun

This bun is ideal for a royal wedding, and you can make it even better by accessorising it with additional hair jewellery. It would be great to wear it on your special day to get the full impact.


7. High Bun

If you are not wearing a Dupatta, this bun hairstyle will look its best. This posture draws attention to your neck, making you appear taller and more attractive. To make the bun fashionable, place a jewel stud in the centre of it.


8. Braid and Bun

Try this side French braided bun with the bun blending into the braid. It is also quite simple to build and has a unique and sophisticated appearance. If you want to accentuate the look, leave a few curls of your hair loose in the bun.

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9. The Ringlets Bun

Put your hair in a simple bun and then curl it into ringlets to cover the bun. To complete your hairstyle, you can add a diamond or flowery band.


10. The Bouquet Bun

The floral bun is one of the most popular bun hairstyles available today. The process involves placing flowers on each section of your bun, and although it sounds easy, the result is incredibly beautiful and unique.


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