Wedding gift ideas for newlyweds as they embark on blissful journey in life

Image Source : FREEPIK Here’s a guide to gifting the newlyweds

This wedding season, do you wish to become the newlywed couple’s favourite? Gifts can be personal, something that will resonate with whom you are gifting it to, or something that they need. If gifting is not your forte and still, you want to impress a newlywed with your choice, here is a guide for you so that you do not stress over it so much. While gifting, luxury needs to be balanced with necessity and we have some ideas that strike the perfect balance between the two major qualities of gift-giving.

Indoor Plants

Gifting your loved ones some low-maintenance indoor plants and succulents can be a great idea during a pandemic. The plants will purify the air around the home and be a trendy addition to a newlywed’s bedroom or balcony. This way, you can bring a little piece of nature close to them, as they won’t be able to go out in nature during the pandemic.

Tea gift set

Gift the newly-wed couple a fine selection of herbal tea along with a pair of matching teacups. Chamomile tea, hibiscus tea, lemon-ginger tea, lavender tea, jasmine tea, and so on are some flavours that you can choose from. Herbal tea boosts immunity and keeps one calm. A nice, warm cup of freshly brewed jasmine tea will surely help the newly married couple relax and unwind.

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Scented candles

Candles are always a no-brainer. Especially in these trying times, scented candles will bring the newly-weds an opportunity to relax. It would be an excellent addition to their living room as well. Who does not want their home to smell like a vanilla latte or strawberry cheesecake, right?

Wooden Name Plate

A fresh start calls for a new nameplate! You can gift the newly married couple a wooden nameplate with their names carved on it. There are thousands of nameplates online that can be customized accordingly. This is a very intimate gift that you can get the couple at their intimate wedding ceremony without a hint of doubt! A Dutch Oven: Since people are going to stay indoors and cook their own meals, gifting a Dutch oven to the newly married couple can be a perfect idea. Slow cooking, deep-frying, pot roasts, poaching, etc., everything can be done using a Dutch oven. You can even bake with this oven! The interior enamel of these ovens prevents food from sticking to the pan and burning.

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Couple’s watches

Couple’s watches can be an ideal gift for the newlyweds. They are budget-friendly, come in a wide variety and if you have good taste, the newlywed will be reminded of you every time they put on their stylish watches on their wrist.

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