Watch Suniel Shetty Share Some Inspiration Around Fitness And Its Importance

New Delhi: Physical activity and exercise are beneficial to everyone. It promotes good health, and regardless of your body type or BMI, you should keep active throughout your life. Bollywood celebrities have often inspired us to take care of our health and get into the habit of exercising daily. Recently, Suniel Shetty took to LinkedIn and shared his fitness regime. The actor said that a lot of people had asked him about his fitness and therefore he has come up with a video to answer their queries.

The actor has also answered questions about what is fitness and why has it been so important to him. He has also elaborated on how fitness has helped him in his entrepreneurial journey and the reason he still prioritises fitness, even at age 62.

The actor has also added why one needs to focus on their health and how being fit and healthy will help in their professional journey. He said, “Following a pandemic that changed the world as we knew it – we owe this to our family and ourselves. That being fit & healthy will have the most positive impact on your life, professionally, is just a bonus. Just remember – focus on WHY you need to do it, and the HOW will fall into place. “

Mr Shetty claimed in the video that although he worked 20 hours a day as an actor, it never stopped him from being active in his commercial ventures. He acknowledged that he had many failures in his life, but he also stated that he succeeded because he had the “mental and physical bandwidth to do it all.”

According to him, the definition of fitness has evolved beyond having six-pack abs, flat stomachs, or being able to regulate one’s weight. “It’s about being in a great space which is also very very mental,” said the actor.

“Being fit and healthy will have the most positive impact on your life, professionally, is just a bonus… Following a pandemic that changed the world as we knew it. We owe this to our family and ourselves,” he added.

His video has been appreciated by a lot of people and has garnered lots of views and comments. One user commented, “Suniel Shetty you are achieving the rare feat of inspiring Millennials, GenZ, and Gen Alpha via one video. Thanks for such a helpful video that shows how to think about fitness at different life stages.”

Another user commented, “Inspirational Suniel Shetty, I have a question for you, apart from core focus to fit forever. How much you are sleeping regularly and how are you coping with such a busy schedule to prioritise time for it?” To this, the actor replied, “I usually get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. I train for an hour or so. I guess it helps that my days are well planned, in advance.”

Apart from this a lot of people have interacted with him on LinkedIn in the comments section of his post and the actor has replied to almost each one of them.

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