Watch: Pet dog poses for camera with girl in adorable viral video. Internet reacts


New Delhi: Do you love dogs? If yes, we found a short video on social media that will make you smile and we are sure you will watch the clip over and over again. Twitter user Buitengebieden shared the video and it has gone viral with over 190k views already.

The video shows a woman recording a video with her pet dog. As the video goes on, the dog can be seen smiling for the camera which makes the girl laugh. We are sure that the doggo’s cute expression will make you say aww a bit too many times.

Needless to mention that this particular clip has gone crazy viral on social media with 15k likes views. People were simply in love with the smiling dog. Many also expressed that they really wanted to pose with the cute canine. Others simply flooded the comments section with heart emojis. 

“One of the best dog videos ever! It never gets old and really lifts the spirit,” a user said in the comments section. Another comment reads, “Tickles me to my soul. Thank you!”


first published:Jan. 20, 2022, 2:53 p.m.

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