WATCH: Mother dog fights snake to save children

Raipur: A female dog fought a venomous snake to save the lives of her three puppies in Chhattisgarh’s Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi (GPM) district. The female dog gave birth to three puppies a few days ago in an abandoned building on the grounds of the Marwahi police station. Anyone who witnessed the new mother’s ferocious figure was taken aback. ‘Mother is simply mother,’ everyone remarked. The entire incident has also been captured on video.

According to witnesses, the female dog was foraging for food nearby on Thursday evening, leaving her three puppies in one location, when she heard the snake hiss. The ears of the new mother perked up. She did not worry when she saw such a long dangerous snake near her children, but instead came and stood right in front of it. She was constantly barking at the snake. The snake also attempted to attack her.

Both the dog and the snake fought, but the mother snake won. People had gathered around the dog because it was barking so loudly. They were taken aback when they saw a mother fighting a snake for the safety of her children. Some even recorded it on video. The snake, on the other hand, became terrified and entered a huge crack in the old building, whilst the mother dog remained constant with her children.

People gave the dog mother and her three children food and water. A sizable crowd had assembled to watch him. Some people also stated that they would remove those children and their mother to a safe location free of animals and hazardous critters.

The female dog fought the snake for nearly 20 minutes in order to save her offspring. After noticing the crowd, the police officers from Marwahi police station arrived. Everyone was taken aback by an animal mother’s affection for her young children.

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