WATCH: Man with amazing balance climbs up stairs with bike on head

New Delhi: A video is doing rounds on the social media. In the video a man can be seen lifting a motorcycle on his head and then climbing onto the roof of a bus. The clip was shared on Twitter by a user named ‘Gulzar Sahab’ on Friday. The user wrote in the caption, ‘He is really a super human). So far it has since been viewed over 92,000 times and garnered over 6,000 likes.

Incredible display of balance

The person can be seen first putting the motorcycle on his head. He then proceed towards the bus. He approaches the stairs which is placed against the bus. He then starts to walk up on the stairs without holding the motorcycle. Before climbing the stairs of the bus, this person bows down to the stairs and then climbs up while keeping balance on the ladder.

Bahubali or Captain America?

Seeing this video people are calling this person superman. Users have also made many types of comments here. People are surprised to see the video. One user commented, ‘I really want to make my neck that strong.’ At the same time, another tweeted and said, ‘This is the real ‘Bahubali’. Some users are calling this person Superman and some are calling him Captain America.

‘He is being exploited’

Some people are watching this video from another perspective as well. One person commented and wrote, ‘There is no heroism in this work. The man is just trying to earn money to support his family. These people put their lives at stake everyday for one day’s food. If seen, they are being exploited.

Video might be from Ranchi

Although no information has been received about the location of the video so far, it is believed that this video is from the bus stand located in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. This is being inferred from the number plate of the bike seen in the video which starts with JH 01 which is the vehicle registration code of Ranchi.

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