Watch: Man Uses “Shortcut” To Change Railway Platforms, This Happens Next

The incident took place in Bihar’s Bhagalpur and the man escaped unhurt.

A hair-raising video has emerged from Bihar where a man is seen lying under a moving train, trying to save himself. The incident took place in Bhagalpur and the man was trying to cross over to a different platform from under the train. But it started moving and he was trapped under it. Luckily, he escaped unhurt but the video has sent shivers down the spine of many users on social media. Many of them were angry and demanded the arrest of the man.

As the video starts, a man is seen lying face down on the tracks as a goods train is passing over him. People gathered around are watching with baited breath, worried about the man’s life. They are shouting and warning him to not get up or move.

But the train passes over him completely after which the unidentified man gets up and leaves the spot with his backpack.

According to locals, he was trying to cross from one platform to another but instead of going through the foot over bridge, he decided to take a “shortcut” and chose to go under the train. As soon as he went inside, the train started moving and he got stuck on tracks.

Social media users are both shocked and angry after watching the clip. Many of them are slamming the man for taking the shortcut.

“This man should be arrested and punished severely so that people follow railway rules,” one Twitter user said. “Had he been fined?” asked another.

“He just got up and left. Look as his attitude, as if nothing happened,” a third user commented.

Some users were relieved that he is safe and sound.

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