WATCH | Groom Feeding Pani-Puri To Bride Gives Netizens ‘Couple Goals’; Video Goes Viral

New Delhi: Almost everyone has craving for ‘Pani Puri’, which is indisputably one of the most loved street foods of India.

Thousands across the world go crazy over this crispy, spicy and piquant snack also known as ‘golgappa’, which is available in almost every eatery possible although in different forms.

A recently surfaced video on Instagram is testament to the acceptance of this snack. In the video, a newly-wed couple come to relish ‘Pani Puri’ at a restaurant right after their wedding with the groom affectionately feeding the snack to his other half with his own hands.

The video has received over 2.3 million views and 144k likes.

Watch The Video Below

The caption to the post reads “Shadi apni jagah, Golgappe apni jagah (marriage is one thing, Golgappe is another).”

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Several people on the social media platform soon reacted to the video shared by Arushi Rajput.

Many related themselves to the video tagged their loved ones and fellow Pani Puri-lovers while several others praised the groom for catering to his wife’s longings on the day of their marriage.

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