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WATCH | Donkey Overwhelmed With Emotions After Seeing Girl Who Raised It

New Delhi: “The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” This thought is well articulated and in tune with the same a video has emerged on social media wherein a donkey can be seen embracing a little girl.

The clip shared by Buitengebieden, an account that posts heartening videos on Twitter, has garnered over six million views with several social media users going emotional after watching the heartfelt video.

The donkey, as seen in the shared clip, walked towards the little girl as soon as she approaches his stable in the farm. The donkey brayed as the girl stretched out her arms and hugged him.

It was indeed a heartstring moment as an emotional glee was visible on the donkey’s face as the girl hugged him.

“This donkey is reunited with the girl who raised it,” read the caption of the post shared by Buitengebieden.

The video has so far garnered over two lakh likes and over 27,000 retweets with many people on the micro-blogging platform going all ecstatic after watching this adorable clip.

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“For those who say “man has dominion over an animal and therefore the animal has no soul…” The Christian fringe who teaches this is so wrong.Just look at the soulful spirit of this creature,” posted a user.

“True love Red heart. Can we all follow this example?” wrote another.

“So touching?!  Incredible. I once had a professor tell me animals have no memory or feelings. I argued they did. Proof perfect!  Memory and emotions!!!” tweeted another user.

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“things like this make me cry.   I love donkeys/burros anyway, someone told me “They have such sweet eyes”.  And I noticed they do. They became one of my favorite animals, for sure.   My eyes are still wet,” posted another.

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