Want To Reduce Belly Fat Within Hours? Follow These Tips, Know How To Make Drinks

Want To Reduce Belly Fat Within Hours? Follow These Tips, Know How To Make Drinks

Visceral fat is spread around the abdomen. It affects the liver, pancreas and intestine. It takes hold of many internal parts of the body, causing many complications. If the amount of fat increases, then many serious challenges like heart disease, high blood pressure have to be faced. But a good news has come. A study has claimed that a type of tea drink can eliminate this increased fat in hours. 

Holland & Barrett in a study stated that the consumption of caffeine can help in reducing belly fat. According to another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the effect of caffeine on obese people is effective and increases the rate of metabolism in them. Metabolism is the process in the body in which food is converted into energy. If the rate of metabolism remains high, then the consumption of energy i.e. calories in the body will also be more and eventually body fat will also decrease. 

In the research, people of normal weight were given 8 grams of caffeine drink and it was examined. The investigation found that the metabolic rate increased significantly in these individuals after just three hours of consuming caffeine. In another research, some obese people and some normal people were given a caffeine drink at the rate of 4 grams together. It was found in the investigation that the metabolic rate has increased in both types of people.

From the conclusion of the investigation, it was found that coffee increases the metabolic rate in all types of people. However, in normal people, the fat burning rate increases more due to coffee. In another study, it was also found that frequent consumption of coffee is helpful in reducing the fat around the stomach. To reduce belly fat in the study, it has also been advised that a healthy diet should be taken to reduce excess calories. For this, eat a sufficient amount of beans, lentils, eggs and fish. Limit unsaturated oils and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

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