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Oct. 26, 2020, 6:32 p.m.

 Patna: How expensive bike one can ride on? 60 thousand, 70 thousand, 1 lakh, or one and a half to two lakh, right? but Tej Pratap, the elder son of Lalu Yadav, rides on a bike worth 16 lakh rupees.

Now, how much gold will be in one’s house? 50 grams, 100 grams, right? RJD’s Avinash Kumar Vidyarthi has one kilo of gold in his house.

Do you know how much it costs? Around 45 lakh rupees. If one looks at today’s rate, it will worth around 53 lakh rupees. So, one can buy a well structured modern house.

This is the example of only two candidates. Many of the candidates who are contesting elections in Bihar have various astonishing and peculiar hobbies. For example, someone has kept elephants and horses like their pets at home.

Below is the list of candidates with their assets and its value:

Tejapratap Yadav:

Tej Pratap Yadav, the elder son of former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, is an RJD candidate from the Hasanpur seat. The last time Mahua won from the seat. He (Tejapratap) owns a BMW car, which costs 29.43 lakh rupees. He has a CBR1000 RR bike worth 15.46 lakhs. Tej Pratap also has a jewelry collection of Rs 4.26 lakh. He has assets worth Rs 2.83 crore in total.

Avinash Kumar Vidyarthi:

RJD candidate Avinash Kumar Vidyarthi is contesting election from Munger seat. He has one kg gold worth 44.51 lakh and 25 kg of silver worth 14.98 lakh.

He also has a 13-carat diamond ring worth Rs 3.90 lakh. Along with this, there is also a collection of Mahindra Scorpio worth 7.50 lakh, Maruti for 3.31 lakh, Tata Motor worth 7 lakh, and Toyota Fortuner of 32 lakh, Ford Figo of 9.15 lakh, and TVS motorcycle of 75 thousand. Not only this, but he also carries 1.8 lakh worth of rifle.

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Sarveshwar Prasad Singh:

Sarveshwar Prasad Singh is the Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) candidate from the Alamnagar seat. He has 860 grams of gold worth 6.10 lakhs. He also has 1 kg and 700 grams of silver, which is valued at 8.50 lakh rupees.

He has a Ford Endeavor worth 40 lakhs, a Mahindra car worth 10.50 lakh, a Honda City worth 14.50 lakh, and a Mahindra Arjun tractor.

Pushpam Priya Chaudhary:

Her total assets worth 16 lakhs, She has a ring of 14 lakhs.

She came into the discussion by calling herself the CM candidate. She is contesting elections from two seats. First from Bankipur and second from Bisfi. She has total assets of Rs 15.92 lakh. Out of which she has two rings worth 14 lakhs. A sapphire ring, which worth 5 lakhs. The second is the topaz ring, which worth 9 lakhs.

Mohammad Nihaluddin:

Mohammad Nihaluddin is an RJD candidate from Rafiganj’s seat. He has only a rifle worth Rs 3 lakh. There is another rifle, which costs 70 thousand rupees. he has two cars as well. An Indica priced at 3.5 lakh and a Scorpio worth 9 lakh. He has 50 grams of gold worth 2.5 lakh rupees.

Anant Kumar Singh:

Anant Singh is currently in jail and will contest the election from the Mokama seat. He has a lot of attachment to animals. Animals like elephant, horse, cow, and buffalo worth 1.90 lakh are kept as his pets in his house. He also has a Fortuner Sigma cart worth Rs 32.52 lakh, Innova Crysta worth Rs 25.33 lakh, Mahindra Scorpio worth Rs 6 lakh, and a jewelry collection of Rs 31.60 lakh.

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Khurshid Firoz Ahmed:

Khurshid Feroz Ahmed is the JDU candidate for the Sikta seat. He has two platinum rings worth 1.20 lakh. He has jewelry worth 1.50 lakh. he has Scorpio worth 6 lakh, three tractors worth 9.90 lakh, JCB of 7 lakh, loader of 6 lakh, and bikes 80 thousand rupees.

Amit Kumar:

Amit Kumar is the Congress candidate from Riga’s seat. He holds a German Mauger of 1.18 lakhs. He has three bikes worth 1.44 lakh. He also has a truck worth 6 lakhs and two Scorpio of 20.25 lakhs.

Manorama Devi:

Manorama Devi, one of the rich candidates, is contesting from the Attari seat on a JDU ticket. She has the expensive ‘Land Rover Discovery’, priced at 45 lakhs, 18 lakh rupees worth Fortuner, and 2.8 lakh rupees worth Gypsy vehicle. He has a collection of 125 grams of gold worth Rs 6.30 lakh, silver worth Rs 28 thousand. 89.77 crore assets have been declared this time in her affidavit.

Krishna Kumar Rishi:

Krishna Kumar is a BJP candidate from Rishi Banmankhi. He has been MLA for four consecutive terms. He is so fond of cars that he still has the old ambassador preserved. However, the current market value is just 2 thousand rupees. There is also a Bolero worth 7.25 lakh, Scorpio worth 10.21 lakh, and Mahindra XUV worth 6.63 lakh, and a jewelry collection of 6.84 lakhs.

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