Want to be a travel content creator? Ankit Bhatia shares expert tips

Image Source : SOURCED Ankit Bhatia shares tips on travel content creation

People feel content creation is an easy job. Work with brands, travel, and shoot content and we’re good to go. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. Leaving a well-paying job to pursue one’s dream is a big step and some things need to be analysed beforehand and kept in mind throughout the journey. Here are some tips and tricks by digital creator Ankit Bhatia about what it is like to leave a job and pursue one’s dream as a travel content creator.

— No content creator can be wholly dependent on brand deals at all times. Also, you may find it difficult to create content full-time until you have a stable source of income source. So it is required to diversify your income sources.

— For extra income, you can create your course. This will be a good as well as a permanent source of income. By doing this, you will be doing a two-point job. Firstly, it will be reaching out to others about the strategies, that you (the creator) are good at. Secondly, since many people will already be following you, it will be easy to sell what you are doing.

— Further in the case of YouTube videos, advertisement revenues are another source of income. You should set up affiliate links so whenever people use those inks to buy anything, the commission is given to you.

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— Creating one’s own physical or digital products like setting up a persona merch/clothing line or selling itineraries/editing presents/ brand pitches could also serve as a financial benefit.

— Then talking about what to do with the money that the creator makes, Ankit Bhatia says, “Whatever money you earn, from that at least 50% should be invested in your business which you are creating. So that you are able to set up a proper team as it helps growth, and things can be done faster with multiple things/projects at the same time. Also, you will not feel exhausted and overwhelmed at times.”

— Ankit Bhatia, who owns Ankitbhatiafilms, also expresses how no matter what field a creator is in like YouTube or Instagram, there are different ways to create active or passive income. The more sources a person has, it becomes the ladder that helps grow and reach the top spot.

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— Also, one major support during the whole journey is making friends from the same community. This aids in creating a network, that proves extremely helpful to expand the business, discussing more ideas with the networking friends, or more like how much to charge brands. So, connecting with similar mindset people proves to be like the communication skills class in school, which shows long-term effects.

— Then it is imperative to have a social media presence on all the social media platforms. Currently, brands are everywhere and almost all people use all social media platforms so “A new audience awaits everywhere!”

Ankit Bhatia says, “This must be overwhelming for you but I am definite that you will learn way more and discover an ocean of opportunities and skills once you get into this.” Now all that is left to do is a leap of faith and your work starts today!

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