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Vitamin D may help prevent colitis during anti-cancer therapy


New York: Taking vitamin D dietary supplements may help prevent a standard aspect impact in colitis during the anti-cancer therapy, report researchers.

Previous research have discovered that vitamin D may have an effect on the immune system in instances of autoimmune issues and inflammatory bowel illness.

“Our findings of a link between vitamin D intake and reduced risk for colitis could potentially impact practice if validated in future prospective studies,” mentioned mentioned Osama Rahma of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, in Boston.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors help the immune system acknowledge and fight most cancers cells, and though these therapies have helped many sufferers and have extended lives, they will trigger unintended effects equivalent to colitis, an inflammatory response within the colon.

“Immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced colitis can limit the use of such life-saving drugs leading to discontinuation of treatment. There is a lack of understanding of the risk factors that could be modified to prevent colitis,” mentioned Rahma in a paper printed within the journal CANCER.

Rahma and his colleagues carried out a examine that examined whether or not taking vitamin D dietary supplements would possibly scale back the chance of colitis in sufferers receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors to deal with their most cancers.

The examine included info on 213 sufferers with melanoma who acquired immune checkpoint inhibitors between 2011 and 2017.

Patients who took vitamin D had 65 % decrease odds of growing colitis, after changes for confounding elements.

These findings had been validated in one other group of 169 sufferers, of whom 49 (29 %) developed colitis.

In this validation group, use of vitamin D was linked with 54 % decrease odds of growing colitis.

“Vitamin D supplementation should be tested further to determine if it could be a safe, easily accessible, and cost-effective approach towards preventing immunotherapy’s gastrointestinal toxicity and extending the effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitor treatment in cancer patientsm,” mentioned Rahma.

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