Viral Wildlife Video: Mongoose rides on tortoise’s back. WATCH

Viral Wildlife Video: Mongoose rides on tortoise's back. WATCH

New Delhi: The internet is full of adorable videos of animals that manage to bring a smile to our faces every time we watch it. A new video of a mongoose riding on a tortoise’s back is going viral online, and it will be the most adorable thing you see today.  Buitengebieden, a Twitter account that posts super cute videos, shared the aforementioned clip and it has gone viral with around 750k views so far.

The viral video shows a mongoose having a cute ride on the tortoise’s back. “Mobile observation platform..” reads the video caption.

As soon as the 15-second clip was shared, it started going viral with over 750k views at the time of filing the copy.  Netizens loved each second of the clip and took to the comments section to show that. One user wrote, “Such a pure, sweet connection (sic).” Another commented, “That’s adorable (sic).”

first published:March 7, 2022, 11:47 a.m.

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