Viral Video: Why groom gets himself hanged on fan? Find out rea…

Viral Video: These days people adopt new ways to make the wedding ceremony memorable. Often the videos of the wedding ceremony, garlands, rounds, reaching the bride’s stage etc. go viral on social media. In one such wedding ceremony, the video of Varmala is becoming fiercely viral on the internet. In this viral video, you can see, why the groom had to hang himself from the fan while putting a garland in it.

Relatives carried the bride and groom on their shoulders

In the viral video, a wedding ceremony is seen taking place. The stage of the garland is decorated in the ceremony. The garland ceremony of the bride and groom are taking place. Relatives are carrying both of them on their shoulders. The bride takes the initiative to put the garland but the groom tries to escape.

Viral Video: Bride finally puts garland around groom’s neck

Sometimes the bride is holding her garland, and periodically her groom. After a couple of attempts, she somehow manages to make the bridegroom wear the garland. Her feet stumble as she gets up to garland, but she avoids falling holding the bridegroom. Amidst all this, the groom also hangs himself by holding, the ceiling and the fan to avoid falling.

Netizens Reaction

So far, a total of 39.6k likes have come on this Instagram trending reel. At the same time, there have been about 2.1m views on this video. Netizens are watching the video again and again. Users are liking the video a lot. The video is being shared. The bride and groom are looking very beautiful in the wedding dress. All the relatives present at the ceremony are looking very happy. People are seen enjoying this movement wholeheartedly.

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