Viral video: Toddler plays with cow; Internet loves it

Viral video: If there is something called Monday blues and you find yourself suffering from it, we found a short clip online that will make you feel better for sure. An absolutely adorable video of a small boy playing with cow is doing the rounds of social media and will make you smile for hours. @AnkitaBnsl a Twitter account, shared the clip and it has already collected 1.3m views.

In this video going viral on social media, you can see that an innocent child is playing with a cow. This child is so innocent that he starts playing near the cow. It is also seen in the video that a small child jumps and climbs on the neck of the cow. The bond shared by the boy and the cow is just too cute for words and you should definitely check it out.

The internet is overjoyed after watching the video as the clip collected thousands of likes and views within hours of being made available online. “Awwww so adorable,” a user said in the comments section. Another added, “How cute.”

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