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Viral Video: Girl makes roti with infectious smile, leaves internet in awe

New Delhi: In the last few years, there have been innumerous cases where social media made a celebrity out of a common man. This time too, true to fashion, the world wide web has made a celebrity out of a young girl who can be seen happily making rotis in a now-viral video.

The girl’s identity is not known nor how old the video is or where it’s from. But one thing’s for sure, the girl’s infectious smile has left us all charmed. The young girl’s beauty and infectious smile has become the point of discussion among netizens. The video was initially shared on an Instagram account dedicated to the anonymous girl which has over 95,000 followers. The account has more such videos of the young girl making rotis. Later, the clip was shared by an Instagrammer on her account and it has garnered 2 million views.

The video begins with the girl flattening the dough for her roti, unaware that she is being recorded. When she realises that she is being captured, she smiles. It is still not known where the girl is from. In the comments, men and women alike have nothing but compliments to give. ‘Natural beauty,’ wrote one. ‘ I don’t know what it is in this girl. It made me feel very nice..,’ wrote another. Whether the young girl sees fame after this remains to be seen. 

Social Media has made many common people into celebs. One such example is Arshad Khan, the viral Chaiwala from Pakistan. In 2016, Arshad went viral after a picture of him was shared online by photographer Jiah Ali and rest, as they say, is history. 

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