Viral: THIS young man lives with 9 wives, wants to become father with each partner


New Delhi: Often people think of singlemarriage, but in Brazil, there is a man who lives with 9 wives. Not only this, this man also wants to do 2 more marriages now. From all these wives, this man expects to have children.

Arthur O Urso hit the headlines in 2020 after announcing he had tied the knot with all his girlfriends. Recently, he told a media outlet that one of his partners namely Agatha, wants a divorce because she ‘misses monogamy’. Urso was already married to his first wife, Luana Kazaki, when he exchanged vows with eight other women in a ceremony in 2021. He had described the event as a ‘protest against monogamy’.

Arthur wants to have two more marriages

Arthur earns 55 lakh rupees by modeling. He said, ‘Agatha wants her full rights over me. I don’t think it is possible. We have to share.’ He said, ‘I was very sad about the divorce and most of all was surprised to know the reason for it.’ Arthur said, ‘Agatha said she was missing a relationship with a man.’ 

0 PAY Man with NINE WIVES faces divorce from wife missing monogamy now he plans to marry two more wome - Daily Mail India

Arthur said that while my other wives believe that this behavior of Agatha is wrong. He said that Agatha built the relationship out of adventure and not real love. Model Arthur said, ‘I know I have lost my wife but I am not going to replace her right now.’ Arthur is now facing a divorce after separating from Agatha. Even after this divorce, Arthur wants to have two more marriages and wishes to have children from each wife. He intends to live with a total of 10 wives. 

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first published:April 5, 2022, 9:12 p.m.

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