Video: PM Modi gave this BIG statement on Union Budget 2021

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday afternoon described the country’s Union Budget 2021 as beneficial for the country’s economy.

In his post-Budget speech, PM Modi said that the Union Budget 2021 shows India’s confidence and also provides inspiration to the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the budget for the financial year 2021-22 has been presented amidst extraordinary circumstances, there is also a feeling of realism and confidence of development.

“Union Budget 2021-22 has been presented amid unprecedented circumstances. Today’s Budget shows India’s confidence and will instill self-confidence in the world. Budget 2021 has the vision of self-reliance and features every section of the society,” PM Modi said.

“Today’s budget also has a vision of self-sufficiency and inclusion of every class. The principles we have come up with in this are – expanding new possibilities for growth, creating new opportunities for youth, giving a new dimension to human resources. Such budgets are rarely seen in which such positive response came in the first one or two hours. Special emphasis has been laid on MSME and Infrastructure in this budget. The way this budget focuses on health care is also unprecedented. This budget has given special attention to development in areas like our state in the south, our state in the northeast and Leh-Ladakh in the north,” he added.

Highlights of PM’s speech on Union Budget 2021:

– The budget has been introduced amidst unprecedented circumstances.

The budget has a vision of self-sufficiency as well as inclusiveness.

– The budget reflects India’s confidence and it will also increase confidence in the world.

– COVID-19 has affected the entire human race.

– This budget brings out the confidence of India.

– The vision of self-sufficient India is included in this budget.

– The budget follows the following principles: expansion of development opportunities; New opportunities for youth; New meaning for human resources; New areas will be developed for infrastructure development, progress towards modernization and new improvements.

– It was one of the rare budget speeches, which received many positive responses from experts within a few hours.

– The budget focuses on increasing the income of farmers; Several measures have been taken in this direction. Farmers will be able to get loans easily. Provisions have been made to strengthen the APMC markets with the help of Agricultural Infrastructure Fund.

– It is a pro-active budget which promotes wealth as well as welfare.

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