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Video: Kylie Jenner posts enchanting mother-daughter moment with Stormi, watch

Oct. 3, 2020, 4:49 p.m.

New Delhi: After seeing Kylie Jenner’s recent video with her daughter Stormi you cannot help but say, “Aww”. In the video shared on Instagram, Kylie and Stormi can be seen sharing a heart melting mother-daughter moment.

“She said ‘don’t be afraid mommy’,” Jenner wrote while sharing the video. The video shows her resting her head down on Stormi’s tiny lap while the little one caresses her mother’s head.

The video is a part of an ongoing social media challenge called #CuddleChallenge where parents do  what Kylie Jenner did to record how their kids react to it.

In the adorable video, Stormi is seen sitting on the couch. Within seconds, Jenner walks in and lies down on the couch with her head on Stormi’s lap. The toddler smiles and starts petting Janner’s head. Eventually, she also says the words that Jenner mentioned in the post’s caption.

The heart-warming video which was shared on October 1 has garnered more than 34.5 million views – and counting.

People are showering utmost love and blessing over this cute video with many in awe of this iconic mother-daughter’s bond.

Commenting on the post, Kylie”s sister and super model Kendall Jenner wrote “Tiny tear” while Khloe Kardashian said, “I melted into my seat.”

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