Video: Boxer punches at imaginary rival during fight, dies two days later

Durban (South Africa): A disturbing incident has come to light during the WBF All Africa Lightweight Title bout in Durban, South Africa. Boxer Simiso Buthelezi who was representing South Africa in this fight died in the ring on Tuesday.

He was 24 years old. The fighter had gone into a coma since Sunday’s match.

Punches in the air

Buthelezi was reportedly the more attacking boxer during the fight. SABC TV footage showed him trying to put pressure on his opponent by throwing him off the ropes, Siefsale Mtungwa, but when the 10-round bout had only seconds left, the referee intervened and Bouthelezi was confused and asked his opponent.

Going in the opposite direction, he started punching in the air. The referee then stopped the fight and declared Mantungwa the winner.

Brain hemorrhage may be the reason

According to an ESPN report, doctors have given the reason behind Butlezi’s confusion. Doctors say that he was bleeding from his brain. However, he was not injured in most of the matches. Dr Bui Mabasso-Dlamini told ESPN. Another suspicion is that he may have suffered an injury before Sunday’s fight.

The doctor said that it could be a case of concussion. If any of these symptoms occur, the fighter should be sent to the hospital immediately to have a head scan to see if there is anything serious. Brain bleed can be fatal. The instructors of boothelology visited him in the hospital twice. He had told that there was no change in his condition. He was in a coma, neither moving nor talking. Doctors say that there may be a blood clot on the brain. Butheleji had recently completed his graduation.

first published:June 8, 2022, 10:42 p.m.

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