Vastu Tips: Where should you place the clock as per Vaastu

Vastu Tips: Direction is considered very important in Vastu Shaastra. People who believe in Vastu Shastra prefer to keep everything according to it so that negative energy could enter the house. The clock is also considered to be of great importance in Vastu. If you also believe in Vastu, then check out in which direction it is auspicious to keep the clock or not be kept.

Don’t place the clock in this direction

Direction is very important in Vastu Shastra. According to Vaastu, the clock should never be placed in the south direction. It is believed that the south direction is the direction of Yama. In such a situation, clocking in this direction is considered inauspicious. Apart from this, the clock is also prohibited in the west direction in Vastu.

Don’t place the clock on the main door

According to Vastu, the clock should not be placed on the main door because negative energy resides in the house, and there remains tension among the people of the house. If you want peace to prevail in your house and love among people, then never forget to put a clock on the main door.

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Vastu Tips: In which direction the clock should place?

According to Vastu, the clock should always be placed in the east and north direction of the house. By placing the clock in this direction, positive energy comes into the house, and love remains between people. If you also want to maintain love in the house, then put the clock in the east or north direction only.

Don’t hang broken clock at home

According to the Vastu, keeping a broken clock in the house is considered inauspicious. Those who have a broken clock or a stopped clock in their house, there is always distress in their house, and they feel negative energy.

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