Valentine’s Day Memes: Singles Share Hilarious Memes Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2022

Valentine's Day Memes: Singles Share Hilarious Memes Celebrating Valentine's Day 2022

“Mohabbat mein nahi hai farak jeene aur marne ka (There is no difference between living and dying in love)

Usi ko dekh kar hain jeete jis kaafir pe dum nikle” (We live at the mercy of one in whose love we are ready to die)

This couplet by Mirza Ghalib shows the plight of one who is madly in love. Well, there will be many who will be going through the same suffering today. Yes, today is the last day of the weeklong love festival, i.e. Valentine’s Day.

In a way, it can be said that whatever was practiced on the ‘pitch’ of love for the last 7 days will be put to a final test today. There will be many who will win hearts today while some may lose them.

But amidst all this, there are people who could not even get into the practice match, let alone the final match. Such single people are once again celebrating this day with the help of memes. So let’s dive right into this pool of memes.

Trending Memes

An army of single and with broken hearts have been pouring out their hearts in form of memes on Valentine’s day since morning. Social media is flooded with some trending memes. A user has created funny memes using Rajinikanth’s photo.

A user shared memes using the scene from Gangs of Wasseypur.

One user has expressed the pain of singles through an image.

A user has taken a scene from this year’s most talked-about film Pushpa and expressed the agony faced by singles.

The makers of this meme have tried to describe the pain of being single through father.

A user has shared it by creating several memes.

This man has started by warning the parents.

The funniest memes are the video ones.

One user has shared something really amazing.


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