Used Cars: If you want to own a perfect car under Rs 50,000, here are the options

New Delhi: Amid the deadly second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, everyone wants to avoid public transport. But purchasing a new car is not a budget allowing task for many. But Don’t worry, as we are here with the 5 cars, that can be purchased just expending 50,000 bucks.

Before read further, please keep in mind that you may have to make some modification or maintenance related work in these cars after purchase.

Honda Civic:

It’s 2021 and if you remember, this Japanese luxury sedan made its Indian debut in 2006 and now you can get some initial day models under 50,000 very easily. Just like we said above, these cars are not fit to be run without a thorough inspection and detailed repair jobs. As all of us know, Honda Civic is definitely an enthusiast’s delight so if you are one of those people who are planning to build a car according to their needs, this could be the best pick for you!

Mitsubishi Lancer

Another one which was a true enthusiast delight of its time. We know we included this one in our list of used cars under 1 Lakh in the past but considering we have done almost 18 months more since then, you can now easily get a Lancer under ₹50,000. Spending 2-3k above ₹50,000 shouldn’t be an issue because if you modify a Lancer well, it can easily put modern-day cars to shame!

Ford Ikon

Ford%20Icon - Daily Mail India

As the name suggests, this sedan was surely an icon and it was one of the most popular vehicles of its time. You won’t get any features on board because of the obvious reason but if you are looking to buy anything from used cars under ₹50000, Ikon can be a good choice too.

Maruti-Suzuki Omni

Maruti%20Suzuki%20Omni - Daily Mail India

This can have a different approach. If you are thinking to start a business, Omni can be your obvious choice because this can let you carry goods and at times can also act as a mobile shop for you! Isn’t that great? Another great thing is that it is also among used cars under ₹50000 and its maintenance is really cheap and spare parts are also easily available.

Opel Corsa

Opel%20Corsa - Daily Mail India

This might look like a forgotten car but let me tell you if you are able to source one for yourself, consider yourself lucky because this is another great machine that you can get in the given budget. Not talking much about the car, we would like to pull your attention to the inspection process.

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