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US ‘playbook’ plan assures free covid-19 vaccine for all Americans

Sept. 17, 2020, 2:29 p.m.

New Delhi: The US federal government has released a 57- page ‘playbook’  which outlines sweeping plan to make vaccines of covid-19 available free to all Americans. The playbook suggests complex plans for a vaccination campaign for states and localities, federal health agencies and the Defence Department. The vaccine will be provided “without charging a dime” once it is proven effective and safe, it says.

The campaign is “much larger in scope and complexity than seasonal influenza or other previous outbreak-related vaccination responses,” said the playbook for states from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

The highlights of the US vaccine ‘playbook’ plan are:

– People will need two doses for most vaccines, 21 to 28 days apart. Double-dose vaccines will be coming from the same drug makers. Several vaccines from different manufacturers could be approved and be provided.

– In the first phase, there will be limited supply of vaccines, keeping a focus on health workers, essential service employees and people in vulnerable group. The next phases may spread the vaccines in the entire country.

– The vaccine will cost nothing to the patients, it will be absolutely free of cost, billions of dollars from the taxpayers funds was approved and allocated by Trump administration.

– Precised plans have to be implemented by the states and local communities for the distribution of the vaccines at the local level, some of which may need a special facilities like refrigeration. A month’s time has been provided to the states to submit their plans.

– To effectively protect the nation from the coronavirus, exp erts say upto 70 per cent of Americans must either be vaccinated or have their own immunity from fighting off coronavirus.

Despite Trump’s assurance to make the vaccine available before November 3 election, the playbook remains unclear about the timing of the vaccination. However, officials have hinted a possible January schedule to launch the vaccine for public use. 

Currently, three candidates in the US are conducting the late stage trials to find a potential vaccine for the coronavirus disease. Pfizer, one of the leading candidates, has said that the vaccine will be ready by the end of the October. Two other candidates — Moderna and AstraZeneca plan to bring the vaccine in market by the end of this year. 


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