US adamant about compensation from China for coronavirus pandemic

Washington: The US government has asserted that it will continue to pressurize China to be transparent about the origin of the coronavirus pandemic and to provide accurate information along with its international allies.

“Along with this, we will also continue our investigation process,” US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said.

This statement of the US government comes at a time when China on Monday rejected the US demand for compensation.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Sullivan said, “We, along with our international allies, will continue to pressure China to be transparent.” 

“We will not accept what China has said that it will not participate in this process also. President Joe Biden would also discuss the issue with international leaders during his first foreign trip after taking office,” he added.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken said in a meeting of lawmakers that there could be two sources of origin of the coronavirus pandemic. The first is that it may have been manufactured in the laboratory. Second, it can also be of natural origin. 

Responding to a question from Foreign Affairs Committee member Steve Cabot, Blinken said President Biden has ordered a detailed investigation into the matter.

Joe Biden to attend G-7, NATO meetings

Sullivan said President Biden will leave for a visit to Britain on Wednesday. After that he will also go to Brussels and Geneva. During his visit, he will also interact with global leaders apart from attending G-7 and NATO meetings. 

During the meetings, issues such as the impact of the Corona epidemic, security challenges and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will be discussed. 

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“We believe the President’s visit comes at a time when the situation in the country is improving,” Sullivan said.

WHO accuses China of destroying evidence

China’s propaganda campaign is going on in full swing amid increasing blows to its credibility about the leak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Wuhan lab.

Jamie Metzl, a member of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) advisory board, told Fox News that the Chinese administration was destroying samples and hiding records. It is giving false orders to its scientists and imprisoning its citizens and journalists for asking basic questions.

It has been further reported that China is reportedly planning to build dozens of biosafety level three laboratories and one biosafety level four laboratory over the next five years, as investigators look at the possibility that the coronavirus may have leaked from China’s Wuhan laboratory.

The entire world suspects China

Metzl said that the more China wants to show itself to be innocent, the more it arouses the suspicion of other countries.

“We cannot give China the right to decide whether we should investigate the worst pandemic of this century,” the WHO advisor said. 

“Every effort should be made for a complete investigation in relation to the pandemic,” he added.

Virus leaked from Wuhan lab

The US Government’s National Laboratory gave a report in 2020, which said that the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan laboratory of China. The Wall Street Journal has given this information citing people with access to the confidential document. 

The California-based National Laboratory prepared its report in May 2020. In this, it spoke of the virus leaking from the Wuhan lab, stating the need for further investigation. The US laboratory made this conclusion through genome analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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Indian scientist couple exposes China

A husband-wife duo of Indian scientists have exposed China’s role in creating the Covid-19 virus in a Wuhan laboratory and spreading the coronavirus pandemic all over the world.

The coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan, not an animal market or from a fish, as China tells the world. This has been claimed by the Indian scientist couple who are part of a global group that is trying to gather concrete evidence about the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Pune-based scientist couple Dr. Rahul Bahulikar and Dr. Monali Rahalkar said that strong evidence has been found in favour of the theory that the coronavirus was created in China’s Wuhan lab.

Their arguments were initially rejected

Both of them had made similar claim earlier but their arguments were then dismissed as a conspiracy. Now that US President Joe Biden has ordered an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, once again this matter has come into the limelight. 

Regarding his research, Dr. Rahalkar said that he cannot say with certainty that the virus was leaked from the lab, but there is strong evidence in favor of this possibility.

Wuhan lab collected virus from Yannai mine

“We started our research in April last year. We found that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) collected the SARS-CoV-2 family coronavirus RATG12 from a mineshaft located in Mojiang, south China’s Yannan province,” Dr. Rahalkar said.

Workers cleaning mineshafts fell ill

“We also discovered that six laborers were sent to clean the mineshaft where there was a terror of bats. These laborers were suffering from a disease similar to pneumonia,” Dr. Rahalkar said. 

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Suspicion of changes to the virus’s genome in Wuhan lab

He said that WIV and other labs in Wuhan were conducting experiments on the virus and suspected that they had made some changes in the genome of the corona virus. It may be that the current coronavirus  pandemic originated during this process.

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