Upset with Ola Scooter, Maharashtra man came up with THIS epic insult

Maharashtra Man Ties Ola Scooter To Donkey: The price of petrol and diesel is running very high. In such a situation, the public is turning to electric vehicles. So that along with the savings, the environment also remains clean.

But electric vehicles are also becoming a problem for some people. Sachin Gitte, who hails from Beed district of Maharashtra, is one of those people.

He had bought an electric scooter, but after problems in it, when the company did not get service, he protested in such a way that the matter became viral on the internet.

Ola scooter developed problems within 6 days

According to the report, Sachin had booked this scooter in September 2021, which was delivered to him on March 24, 2022. However, the scooter stopped working after only six days.

When he contacted the company, Ola Mechanic checked his scooter. But no one came to fix the problem.

Sachin called customer care several times too but did not get a proper response from anyone. Frustrated by not getting any assurance from Ola, Sachin also filed a complaint at the consumer forum.

When a donkey pulled an Ola scooter

As a result, he tied his two-wheeler to a donkey on Sunday and put up a banner with it, ‘Beware of this fraudulent company Ola and don’t buy its two-wheelers.’

A video clip of the incident was shared by local channel LetsUp Marathi on Instagram, in which a donkey is seen pulling a two-wheeler.

Ola to take back scooters

Ola Electric on April 24 announced the withdrawal of 1,441 units of its electric two-wheelers, following reports of vehicles catching fire. According to the company, these scooters will be evaluated by the company’s service engineers, and all will undergo complete diagnostics in battery system, thermal system and safety.

first published:April 26, 2022, 3:31 p.m.

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