UP minister ejecting cabinet; Dinesh Khatik resigns, Jitin Prasad meeting BJP’s top brass

New Delhi: Cabinet Minister of Yogi government Dinesh Khatik has sent resigned from the state council of ministers. The influential Dalit Minister has claimed neither the officials were listening to him nor dd they shared any information regarding his ministry.

Another Minister of the Yogi Cabinet , Jitin Prasada is also unhappy with framework of the UP government. He is seemingly furious and is in Delhi meeting the top brass of BJP. Such an incident has not occurred before this in any of the BJP-ruled state, at least not publicly.

Dinesh Khatik showing dismay on not being given work for 100 days and irregularities in departmental transfers, wrote in his resignation, “I am resigning because I am hurt. I was not given any importance because I am a Dalit. I have no authority as a minister. My working as a minister of state is a waste for the Dalit community – I am not called for any meeting and not told anything about my ministry. This is an insult of the Dalit community.”

The matter with Jitin Prasada, who came to BJP bidding farewell to Congress, was rewarded the Public Works Department (PWD) but one of his officer on Special Duty, Anil Kumar Pandey was removed on the pretext of alleged corruption charges. A vigilance inquiry was further launched against him.

Jitin Prasada has sought a meeting with BJP president JP Nadda and Union Minister Amit Shah to register his complaint.

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