UP Lockdown: Five days of lockdown in Uttar Pradesh, these restrictions will remain

New Delhi: Despite all the precaution and efforts, the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the country. In Uttar Pradesh too, due to coronavirus, the situation remains serious.

Meanwhile, the state government has decided to extend the lockdown in the state by two more days. Uttar Pradesh will now have a lockdown of 5 days.

In fact, the weekend lockdown in the state was coming to an end on Tuesday morning (May 4), which has been extended to May 6. Following the new order, the restrictions will remain in force across the state till 7 am on May 6. 

However, during this period, there will be exemptions for essential services as before. Uttar Pradesh 

“The partial coronavirus curfew imposed in Uttar Pradesh has been extended till 7 am on May 6,” Additional Chief Secretary Information Navneet Sehgal said. 

Navneet Sehgal said that the Uttar Pradesh government has extended the coronavirus curfew, which was implemented from eight o’clock last Friday night to seven o’clock on Tuesday morning, for two more days on Monday. Now this curfew will remain in force till 7 am on May 6. 

He said that at present, this arrangement has been made for this week. Sehgal said that the state government has taken the decision as part of its efforts to break the chain of corona infection in the state.

These restrictions will be applicable in UP during lockdown

In view of the infection, the government has advised people to stay indoors. It has also been said that only those involved in essential services will be exempted from lockdown. Drug shops, pharmacy, hospital and other essential services are exempted during lockdown. Along with this, religious places will also be completely closed. During this time shopping malls and restaurants will also be closed.

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Latest coronavirus situation in Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, there is no stopping the speed of the coronavirus pandemic. Once again, cases of coronavirus infection have crossed 30 thousand in the state. On Sunday, 30983 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in the state. 

With this, the total number of coronavirus infected peoplein the state has increased to 13,13,361 while the figure of the dead has reached 13,162, it is a matter of relief that 10,04,447 people have been cured so far. Currently, the number of active coronavirus cases in the state has risen to 2,95,752.

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