Unnao horror strikes again! 19-yr-old girl dies of ‘excessive bleeding’ after lover raped her using ‘energy-boosting’ pills

Lucknow: The Police have arrested a man for allegedly raping a 19-year-old girl in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. The girl died due to excessive bleeding.

The 25-years-old accused had taken performance-enhancing pill prior to indulging in intercourse. The man admitted to the police that he had forced the woman to have intercourse with him which she resisted.

During the act, the woman fell unconscious and started bleeding. This scared the man who ran away leaving the girl in vulnerable situation.

After which, the family found the woman dead in her house.

Police Officer Siddhartha Sankar Meena Sunday informed that they have arrested two identified as Sujeet and Kunwara on November 10. A case was also registered against the two but they were later following a turn of events.

The Police looked into WhatsApp messages of the woman in her mobile phone and tried to look into the matter with different aspect.

Following the incident, the lover was arrested who confessed his crime to the police.

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