UN concerned over chances of coronavirus pandemic 3rd wave in India

New Delhi: United Nations resident co-ordinator Renata Desalien is extremely surprised about the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India.

She opined that in view of this, the Indian government will have to plan its concrete preparations for the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview to the United Nations, she said that the United Nations stands with India during this crisis and is doing all possible help. She said that during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, it took 6-7 months for cases to increase rapidly. Therefore, time was also found for its preparation. But during the second wave, cases of infection increased very rapidly.

The entire world, including India, has suffered this pandemic for the first time. After the first wave, it was expected that things would improve. At the same time, there was a big difference in the speed of infection in both the first and second wave.

“After coming out of the first wave, there was a possibility of a second wave. This was the reason that everyone was fully attentive about its preparation. But this time its speed was more than we thought, which surprised everyone,” she said.

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She admitted that the situation in India is now much better than before and in spite of the large population, there is a steady decline in the cases. However, she expressed concern over the deaths due to coronavirus. 

According to her, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in different states of India has also been different. During the second wave in the country, most people were affected.

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Renata Desalien believes that the peak of the second wave in India has now come to an end. This devastating second wave has also taught many lessons to withstand the third wave forcefully. 

“It was already known that a second wave would definitely come. But we were assuming that this too will be the same as the first wave. But on the contrary, it was different, which surprised everyone,” she said. 

During this interview, she also said that the negligence between the first and second wave has also proved to be dangerous. She also admitted that there is a persistent fear of a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India. 

“It is not known yet how it will be. This is a very difficult task. The reason for this is that they are believed to have little information about the virus,” she said.

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