‘Uma’ becomes ‘Asma’ in love, then horrifying truth comes out… Love Jihad?

Lucknow: The Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday witnessed such an incident, the reality of which is horrible. The tragedy occurred in the Gola Gokaran Nath region. There, cops discovered the body of a woman buried in the ground inside a house. The widow is said to have been murdered by her husband, who subsequently buried her body by excavating a hole in the dirt inside the house. The entire area became tense once the deceased body was discovered.

Uma became Asma

Wasi is said to have previously captured a girl named Uma in the trap of love. He didn’t inform Uma about his religion until they were married. When Uma discovered the truth, she was astounded. But, in order to save the marriage, she kept a heavy stone on her heart. Wasi converted Uma and changed her name to Asma Fatima after their marriage.

Wasi became murderer after 6 years of marriage

Wasi and Uma were married for 6 years. They also had two children during this time. However, as time passed, the two’s squabbles became more frequent. Wasi is said to have frequently beaten Uma alias Asma.

Uma, who was fed up with her husband’s abuse, began to rebel as well. There was also a lot of squabbling between the two on the day of the incident. Wasi then murdered Uma in a fit of wrath. Her body was then kept in the house itself.

Murderer’s mother informed police

Wasi’s mother revealed the incident to the police. Actually, she had left the house on the day of the incident to visit a relative. When she returned and inquired about Uma, he became evasive.

Wasi later informed his mother that he has murdered her. Wasi’s mother then informed the police about the situation.

Electrocuted, buried at home

During interrogation by police, Wasi admitted to his crime. Wasi is said to have beaten Uma during the argument.

Even after this, he was not content, so he electrocuted Uma. He hurriedly buried the dead body after death by digging the ground in the house.

On Vasi’s instruction, the cops dug up the ground and recovered Uma’s body.

Love Jihad angle

When Uma’s family members learned about this, they dismissed it, claiming that Uma had died 6 years before.

According to reports, Uma’s family was opposed to the marriage, but she refused, and the outcome was disastrous.

Following this incident, there is tension in the area, and several Hindu organisations are pushing the issue by claiming it as a case of love jihad.

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