Ukraine crisis: Russia loses 56 planes, 82 helicopters in two weeks


Kyiv (Ukraine): Amid Russia’s ongoing military operations in Ukraine, Moscow has lost as many as 56 planes and 82 helicopters in two weeks, according to Ukrainian armed forces.

“Russia loses 56 planes, 82 helicopters in 2 weeks of fighting. The numbers were released by the Ukrainian armed forces. The Ukrainian losses aren’t disclosed,” The Kyiv Independent reported.

Meanwhile, at least 516 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since Russia began its invasion on February 24, according to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Compared to the previous update on Monday, there has been an increase of 42 deaths on Wednesday, CNN reported. As many as 908 civilians have been injured amid Russia’s ongoing military operations in Ukraine, the UN said. 

“Most of the civilian casualties recorded were caused by the use of explosive weapons with a wide impact area, including shelling from heavy artillery and multi-launch rocket systems, and missile and air strikes,” read a statement.

Russian forces launched military operations in Ukraine on February 24, three days after Moscow recognized Ukraine’s breakaway regions, Donetsk and Luhansk as independent republics followed by the announcement of a “special military operation” to “demilitarize” and “denazify” Ukraine.

first published:March 10, 2022, 1:18 a.m.

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