Twitter defies Indian government as top official posts controversial tweet

New Delhi: The new IT rules of the central government have been accepted by all the big social media companies except Twitter. 

It seems that the tussle is not going to stop at the moment and in the meantime, a tweet by the head of Twitter India has added to this apprehension. In fact, Twitter India’s managing director Manish Maheshwari tweeted a slogan on Friday.

This slogan read, ‘It is going to be difficult but difficult means not impossible’. 

Now his post is being linked to the situation of ongoing confrontation between Twitter and Government of India.

Delhi Police had questioned Manish Maheshwari about content filtering last Thursday. Delhi Police had said that Maheshwari was evading questions. Maheshwari had reportedly told the police that he was only the sales head and had no role in the content related operations.

However, a few hours after his tweet, Maheshwari posted another tweet. He wrote, “I meant spending the weekend without the internet. My home broadband is down. Any other option @NetflixIndia?”

Earlier this month, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra shared some papers claiming that the Congress Party had created a toolkit to discredit the image of PM Modi and the country. He also alleged that Rahul Gandhi also tweets about PM Modi following this toolkit. 

However, the Congress termed this toolkit as fake. Twitter had then tagged Sambit Patra’s tweet as ‘Manipulative Media’.

The micro-blogging site reacted sharply after Twitter’s special cell raided the offices in Delhi and Gurugram over the Toolkit case. Since then, the confrontation between Twitter and the central government has continued.

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Most social media companies accepted new IT rules except Twitter

Most major social media companies have shared the information of their Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person and Grievance Officer with the Ministry of Electronics and IT as per the Information Technology Rules, 2021. 

These companies include major social media companies like Ku, Sharechat, Telegram, Linkedin, Google, Facebook and WhatsApp. All these have provided the information sought with the Ministry under the new rules. However, Twitter has not yet given the information sought to the government.

Earlier, Twitter had said in a statement on Thursday that the Delhi Police’s visit to its offices was a form of intimidation. The social media company also said that it is concerned about the potential threat to the safety of its employees and freedom of expression in India.

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