TVS Motor shares decline by 2 percent following Q4FY21 quarter results


LAST UPDATED: May 3, 2021, 4:53 p.m.

New Delhi (Anish Yande): TVS Motor Company shares slipped by 2 percent on May 3. The motorcycles company shares opened at Rs 618 per share on Monday’s trading session.

Shares of the company rose to an intraday high of Rs 637.35 per share from the previous close of Rs 630.90 per share. TVS Motor’s shares reached an intraday low of Rs 613.70.

TVS Motor March quarter results:

The net profit of TVS Motor Company was posted at Rs 81.84 crore in the March quarter of 2019-20. The company’s net profit increased to Rs 319.19 crore in March 2021 quarter. The net profit of TVS Motor rose four-fold.

Operational revenue of TVS Motor Company was recorded at Rs 4,104.71 crore in the March quarter of FY20. The revenue from operations rose to Rs 6,131.90 crore in the quarter ended March 31, 2021. 

Exports of the company were at 32.63 lakh units in 2019-20 which further declined to 30.52 lakh units in 2020-21.

TVS Motor has sold around 1 million two and three-wheelers during the March quarter of 2020-21. The motorcycle company sales of three-wheelers decreased to 41,000 units, at a decline of 5%. The sales of two-wheelers rose by 50% to 886,000 units.

Revenues of TVS Motor in Q4FY21:

The motorcycle company stated that three-wheeler and two-wheeler sales were at 6.33 lakh units in the FY20. The two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales rose to 9.28 lakh units in the March quarter of 2021, at an increase of 47 percent.

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Consolidated operational revenue in FY21 increased to Rs 19,420.82 crore from Rs 18,849.31 crore in FY20. 

Standalone revenue of TVS Motor increased to Rs 16,751 crore in FY21, rising by 2% year-on-year. In the fiscal year FY21, the net profit of the motorcycle company in FY20 was recorded at Rs 646.80 crore. The net profit of TVS Motor was at Rs 607.50 in 2020-21 fiscal. 

TVS Motor’s EBITDA increases by 6% to Rs 1,429 crore. EBITDA margin rose by 34 basis points to 8.5%.

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