Tulsi has magical leaves, know its health benefits here

Our mother or grandmother always suggests tulsi tea for mornings or evenings. It is not just used to add an amazing flavour to tea, It helps to beat indigestion and other gastric issues. Also, tulsi boosts your immunity power.  Holy Basil leaves that are commonly known as tulsi, contains some essential nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, and soluble and insoluble fibres. Tulsi leaves have been used in various forms. These tiny green leaves are rich in nutrients and have many health benefits. So here are some amazing benefits of tulsi that you did not know:

1. Good for digestion

Consuming tulsi daily can improve bowel movements and fights digestive problems. These tiny leaves also help your body to flush out all dangerous toxins.

2. Stress releasing 

According to a study, Tulsi leaves helps you to balance the stress hormone in your body.

3.Weight loss

These tiny green leaves stimulate digestive enzymes and juices, Also known to enhance your digestive system. 

4. Boost immunity

These green leaves are rich in Vitamin-C which is why it is used as a natural immunity booster and keeps infections at bay.

5. Reduce pain and fever 

Basil leaves have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which increase your immunity power and helps you to fight infections. 

6. Reduce cough and cold

These tiny leaves contain Camphene, cineole, and eugenol which helps you to keep cold and cough at bay.

7. Beneficial for kidney stone

These green leaves detoxify the body and have diuretic properties that decrease the level of uric acid in the body, which is the main reason why kidney stones are formed.

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8. Beneficial for skin

Tulsi helps you clear out the skin of blemishes and acne problems.  These tiny green leaves are rich in antioxidants that help to prevent premature ageing. Tulsi also strengthens our hair roots, thus preventing hair loss. 

9. Reduce the risk of constipation 

These tiny leaves reduce the risk of constipation. It improves bowel movements and helps to fights digestive problems. 

10. Not Beneficial for pregnant women

Tulsi leaves can affect the health of a pregnant woman and her embryo. In some cases, it can even lead to a miscarriage. The herb may cause uterine contractions that may be dangerous.

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