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Trump’s fraud lawsuits attempt fails again; Objection results of Pennsylvania rejected by the court

Nov. 22, 2020, 5:52 p.m.

Washington, (Diksha Kumari): US President Donald Trump is still not ready to accept the election results, but he is bit getting any help from the court in this matter. The court has rejected the Trump’s attempt regarding the Election results of Pennsylvania.

After this, there is increasing pressure from Trump on the Republican Party to accept the electoral results and clear the way for Biden to take to the powers.

Trump has filed several objections to the court since Biden of the Democratic Party was declared the winner fortnight ago. Trump wants Biden to not tend a certificate of victory.

But all the way only failure got into his hand. His attempt to failed in Georgia, Arizona and Michigan.

On Saturday, Federal Judge Mathieu Brann also banged Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania. The court said – there is no concrete evidence in the case that has been done against the election results.

Trump’s remaining hope to stay in the White House rests in Pennsylvania, but it will only happen if he leaves Biden’s lead of 81,000 votes here.

On Monday, the results are to be confirmed.

Now the questions are also being raised from the Republican Party. 

Pat Toomey, The Republican Senator said- “Trump should accept the election results”. In additional, Liz Cheney of the Republican Leadership Team in the House of Representatives has said that Trump should accept defeat and respect the electoral process.

In the election persisted November 3, Biden has received 60 million more votes than Trump. In addition, Biden has received 36 more votes than the 270 body votes needed to make a government.

At an equivalent time, Trump possesses 232 body votes.

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